A Blue World Company (2005 - 2015)

In 2005 I founded A Blue World Company developing environmental friendly products such as SmellControl, avoiding bad smell (H2S) in sewers, BM500 improving water quality, TC5 improving bacterial life in the soil (Golfcourses, Meadows), AnyMagic keeping flies away and  "Graszodendouche", developed together with POKON.

We decided to enter into the adventure of first developing everything ourselves (Market development, product positioning, bottling etc. and allocating launching customers and partners in many countries such as Belgium, UK, Portugal, Turkey and Brazil. We outsourced development and production.)


We distributed to many countries via Global Partners and made it on National TV during the European Soccer championships in 2009 since our product was used on all the soccer fields. (Greenkeepers were complaining they had to take care of the grass twice as much as normal since it grew very rapidly.....).

The products won several awards.