Catch the Wind (2014 - ....)

Catch the Wind is a project from the Frisian Yacht Club (FYC) which enables sailing boats to sail in a unique area of the Waddenzee, Friesland, The Netherlands. Unique because for the true sailing fanatic one will find here winds, currents, waves, shallows and tides which are very challenging for sailors. For over a hundred years nobody has been able to sail away from this particular part of the shore .

The idea and initiative started some 10 years ago originated by Mr. Guus Westra, Chairman of the FYC and passioned sailor.

Over the passed 5 years we have been developing the project and the construction to make it possible for sailing boats to set sail from the shore, a very specific spot we found complying to the conditions required to make this happen.

This together with the governments which bought into the project after having lobbied for many years meeting 42 organizations.

The construction was finally tested in October 2017 and proved to work. We are aiming to be operational in 2020......