Robert Peter Kuis (Born 1959 in Guelph, Canada) creates his work and stories while working and travelling around the world. He has had several roles thru-out his career such as working in logistics, HR, ICT, as a chauffeur/bodyguard, Sales/Account Executive/Manager/Consultant stationed in Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, San Francisco and New York (experienced the 9/11 attack), Host for relations at Formula 1 in Belgium, Monaco & UK and co-host for the ABN AMRO Bank's board meeting, (Rijkman Groenink, Jan Peter Schmittmann, Jean-Paul Votron a.o.) at Sun Microsystems HQ. Crew member of the expedition to the valley of kings in Portugal, Presented the "Champagne dream tour" to the board of LVMH in Paris, Chairman of the RFiD society, Founder of "A Blue World Company", Founder of BNR Consultancy and Secretary of The Frisian Yacht Club. Studied Economics and later on design & photography at "Vredeman de Vries" (now Minerva) and at "Centrum voor de Fotografie" (Zwolle). 


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