Tombs of kings in Portugal (2003)

Evora 1.jpg

In 2003 I was approached by the archeologist Joost Snaaijer (1942 - 2007) to assist in setting up an expedition to the tombs of kings, as he called it, in the Evora area of Portugal.

During one of his earlier site visits he had found several graves which he believed to be of former kings. He based this upon the findings of several decorations used on so called speaking rods used by kings in this area.

These decorations were made from an ore which, especially in those days could only be found in North America.


Remarkable to say the least looking at the origin date of the rods and the transportation possibilities in those days. We are talking about the year 1150 here.....

One of my roles was to allocate and sign up necessary sponsor and we approached successfully:

- Corus


- Rijks Universiteit Groningen

- National Geographic

- Discovery Channel

- Privat Investors with an interest in Archeology

The whole expedition was going to be captures on film and photo and was scheduled to start in October 2003.

Sadly Joost got ill and passed away....